Team Tomlinson Academy

Introducing our new program at Keilor Basketball Stadium ‘TEAM TOMLINSON ACADEMY’ which involves an hour of intensive training with Ray and Sam Tomlinson. These sessions are specifically for the ages from 8 to 18 years of age. Obviously, you are broken up into smaller groups specific to age and skill level.
These sessions add insight into whats expected of you from a professional side of things on the court at an Elite Level as a junior player. These sessions are ONLY for the ‘Rep Ready’ or kids already on the level of ‘Representative Basketball’ played on a Friday night in Victoria.
Weekly we apply new techniques and fundamentals of the modern game to increase your knowledge and offer exceptional skills for you to take home and practice in your own time on a daily basis.
These sessions are specifically allocated during the times of 4 to 5pm, after school on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Our after school intensive program continues this week and as many will now know where they are with rep, we stress that it is to your advantage to continue your intensive group sessions with us on a weekly basis to be the best you can be which will absolutely be an advantage on our levels and work in your favour.
Ray will take the more advanced player that needs to be challenged and I will attend to the younger players at the other end of the court.
This does not matter which club you are from, it’s the extra training from both Ray and Sam that will allow you to improve.
These sessions at this stage are only $20 per hour so please get picked up from school and head on down. We hope to see you on the court this week!




Samantha Tomlinson

National Junior Gold Medalist & World Champion, WNBA Utah STARzz Training Camp Player, Past College, USA & WNBL Player

Ray Tomlinson

Olympian Player & Coach, Hall of Fame & National Masters Coach